Application for Membership

Membership in Northern C’s is open to the following:

1. those who have attended and/or graduated from a UC Berkeley undergraduate, extension and/or graduate program
2. the spouse or child of  a UC alum or
3. parents of currently enrolled students or alumni of UC Berkeley

 Name: __________________________________   Address: ______________________________________________

City: ______________________________ State: ______ Zip: _______________

E-Mail Address: ______________________________

Home Phone: _________________________________     Business Phone: _______________________________

My Berkeley connection is:

1. ____Alum:   ____Undergraduate   ____Graduate   ___Extension; _______Year   ______Major

2. _____Spouse    _____Parent: of _____Alum   _____Current UC student:

                           ____________________________Name   ______Year

I am a member of the California Alumni Association:   YES ______  NO ______

Date: _______________________________________

Please Print this form, complete and mail with a $20.00 check to:

Northern C’s Alumni Club
c/o Arch Pugh
PO Box 994648
Redding, CA 96099-4648

“We are family,
You cannot make a university
out of minds and brains.
In a universitey, as elsewhere in the world,
heart is more than head,
love is more than reason.
Hold fast to that love for the University.
Stand strong, shoulder to shoulder,
when you do its work.
Cheer for her; it will do your lungs good.
Love her; it will do your heart and life good.”

-Benjamin Ide Wheeler, 1899